• White Deer Therapeutics

    Katherine Bentley

  • Holistic Healing Therapies Uniquely Tailored to You


    Combining my background in Chinese Medicine, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Prenatal Yoga and over a decade of working with the body in a therapeutic way, I support you in working with the physical, emotional, subtle and energetic layers of the body to promote healing, deep relaxation, and balance within.

  • Massage

  • Bodywork for Body, Mind and Spirit


    Bodywork is so invaluable to our ability to show up in the world as your best self. I offer several kinds of massage depending on the depth and type of work you are seeking. Whether it's deep relaxation, a more holistic approach to healing that incorporates Chinese Medicine, or if you are looking for support with pregnancy, injury or other physical conditions - I've got you covered.


    Therapeutic touch not only helps with physical conditions, but it's also tremendously beneficial to mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who we are.


    Therapeutic Masasge

    Therapeutic Massage

    60 Minutes : $75


    A relaxing massage that is blended with acupressure and gentle shiatsu stretches. While this is not a deep tissue massage, if we find areas of tension in your body, we’ll work on them through massage or add in additional treatments such as moxibustion, herbal oils, cupping or gua sha to support the release of tension, healing of injuries and overall health.


    To hear more about combining in-depth Chinese Medicine and massage, keep reading below.

    Hot Stone Massage

    Hot Stone Massage

    90 minutes : $100


    A relaxing massage with warmed Basalt stones.


    Warmed stones offer deep heat to the muscles to help with relaxation and removal of tension.


    Relax on the table with 90 minutes of massage, deep heat and moderate pressure from the stones. This is a wonderful treatment during the winter months.

    Prenatal Massage

    Prenatal Massage

    60 minutes : $70

    A relaxing and soothing massage for mothers to be. I draw on both my background in Chinese Medicine and my training in prenatal yoga to support you during all stages of pregnancy. Prenatal massage is a great way to relax, pamper yourself and help with issues such as morning sickness, muscle aches and overall changes in your body, emotions and spirit while growing a little one.

    Photo Courtesy : Bob Wong Acupuncture

    Cupping & Chinese Medicine

    Rates Vary

    I offer Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua Sha, Abdominal Massage and additional Chinese Medicine based techniques. These are wonderful in-depth treatments for both acute and chronic conditions. These are offered as part of your Therapeutic Massage or as stand alone treatments (for more info, read here). We will discuss these additional treatments and decide if they are a good fit for your healing process.

    Chair Massage Vermont

    Chair Massage

    Rates Vary

    I can come to you! Chair massage for groups are a great way to take a mini retreat, get deep sense of relaxation in a short time, and they offer a great way to connect with your group through the experience. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage for a wedding, women's circle, retreat, or office gathering.


    Rates vary depending on the number of participants and location - contact me for more information and a price quote.

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Chinese Medicine is at the foundation of most of the bodywork I offer. It's an ancient, multi-layered and in-depth approach to health and healing. Working with pathways (meridians) within your body to determine where there is balance, imbalance, excess or deficiency, I create a customized healing treatment that can include acupressure, abdominal massage, cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, shiatsu, tui na, nutrition and massage.


    Chinese Medicine is wonderful for chronic conditions, acute conditions, injuries, and supports emotional, physical and spiritual well being.


    Below, I break down some of the more common treatments used in Chinese Medicine based treatments, or Amma Massage.

    Amma Massage

    Amma Massage

    60 Minutes : $75

    I start our work together with a health intake and a conversation about your current health & health goals.


    I pull on my background in Chinese Medicine to listen to your body through pulse, tongue and abdomen diagnosis to listen to the pathways (meridians) within your body. This gives us an idea of where there is balance and where there is an imbalance.


    Then I create a customized therapeutic massage with acupressure and some shiatsu stretching. Additional therapies such as cupping, moxibustion and other Chinese Medicinal treatments can be a part of your massage as well.


    This in-depth approach to health and bodywork can often help with chronic illness, infertility, insomnia, anxiety, injury, trauma, and so much more.


    We sometimes add in work around personal nutrition and take a look at what and how you are eating to see if your foods are supporting your body in the best way or see if some changes could support and speed up your healing process.

    Acupressure Shiatsu

    Acupressure & Shiatsu


    Through stimulating certain points on meridians, we can move qi within your body in a way that clears stagnation, tonifies your body, and can work on a variety of conditions.


    Often times during massage with me, you'll notice I pause and hold my fingers on certain points for a few breaths. This is a way of working with specific acupressure points based on what your body needs during your treatment.


    Shiatsu is a series of stretches done with light to moderate pressure that works with specific meridians (pathways) within the body. I often incorporate shiatsu stretching into Amma Massage.


    Acupressure, Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine allow us to work with a variety of conditions during your massage.

    Cupping Moxibustion TCM

    Cupping, Moxibustion and other TCM Therapies

    Chinese Medicine encompasses a vast about of treatment techniques. These additional treatments can aid in your healing.


    Cupping is like a reverse massage with glass cups places on specific parts of your body to create suction. Cupping encourages stagnation to move while inviting fresh qi and blood to areas of your body.


    Moxibustion is a heat based therapy with the plant Mugwort. It provides deep heat to the body to break up stagnation and encourage fresh qi and blood to circulate.


    I'll always discuss each treatment and go over the 'why' behind it before giving you a chance to decide if it's something you want to try. Not all treatments are right for everybody. It's through abdominal, pulse and tongue diagnosis - as well as conversations, that we determine which (if any) of these additional treatments are a good fit.


    Nutrition based healing


    The Chinese Medicine approach to healing is deeply rooted in the belief that what we offer our body through food is vital to our life force, health and overall essence. Through assessing your unique balances and imbalances, we look at your current food choices and can make some adjustments to support you in thriving and healing based on your ever changing needs.


    Although it can be overwhelming to think of changing your food, it's not often that your food needs a major overhaul. It's amazing what some small changes can do to really shift your health!

  • Yoga Therapy

  • Wisdom from Within

    Your body holds an infinite amount of wisdom. Your body has a deep understanding of who you are at your very core. Your body has experienced every thing in your life and when we quiet ourselves, your body is a clear and captivating storyteller. What if you let your body's wisdom guide you, let it inform you, let it connect you with a deeper sense of knowing that resides within?


    "Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body.” ~ Saraha


    Through a combination of guided breath, movement, mindfulness and dialogue, this type of yoga therapy is a one of a kind experience that invites you to listen deeply to your body in each moment.


    For over 10 years I've been offering Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to clients, students, groups and through workshops and retreats. The level of personal growth, transformation and healing I've seen through this work continues to humble and inspire me. Take a look at the options for yoga therapy sessions with me below. If you have questions, check out the F.A.Qs or contact me.

    Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

    Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

    60 minute sessions : $75

    Package rates for 3 or more sessions available.


    Private yoga therapy sessions are a profound way to connect with yourSelf, your body and your internal wisdom.


    Whether you are someone who already has a deep relationship with your body and intuition, or if you are new to the idea, private yoga therapy sessions can support you in exploring further.


    Sessions include guided meditation, movement, mindfulness and dialogue to allow you to be deeply present to yourself through the experience and wisdom of your body.


    Tap into the wisdom that already lives within you through this unique process.


    While you can gain a tremendous amount of insight in a single session, if you are new to this work, I recommend starting with a package of 3 sessions. This allows you to get familiar with the work and see how it impacts your life over the course of a few weeks.

    Yoga Therapy for Couples and Partners

    Couples Yoga Therapy Sessions

    90 minutes : $125

    Package rates for 3 or more sessions available.


    What if you learned to listen to your body in a way that would guide you to better communication with your partner, friends, family, etc?


    What if you allowed the wisdom deep within you and your partner to help navigate your relationship?


    Rather than the same cycles of talking at each other, what if you and your partner spent time listening deeply to yourselves AND each other through a new way? What if this kind of connection offered you insight into how you show up in your relationship, how you communicate (or not!) with your partner?


    Yoga Therapy sessions for couples offer a unique, body heart & soul based way to connect, communicate and grow as individuals and together.


    Each session is unique and involves movement, meditation, and facilitated dialogue in a safe and guided way.


    The potential to learn and grow in this type of work is tremendous. However, it's not always easy. It takes courage and willingness from both partners to explore, be vulnerable and to listen to each other in a new way.




    Yoga Therapy Groups, Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreats, Yoga Workshops

    Group Yoga Therapy

    Rates Vary

    This type of therapeutic yoga is truly a unique experience in a group or retreat setting. We often explore various themes that allow you to explore who you are and how you show up in the world via your yoga mat.


    I tailor group work to include some or all of the following: guided meditation, intention setting, exploration through movement and yoga, embodied mindfulness, group coaching, facilitated talking circles, group exercises, ceremony and more.


    Workshops and classes can be brought to your studio or even offered virtually.

    Virtual Yoga Therapy Sessions

    Virtual Sessions

    Rates Vary

    If you are not in Vermont and would like to try a yoga therapy session, it's still possible!


    Through various online platforms, we can create a guided yoga therapy experience from the comfort of your own home. We can work together in a way that allows you to experience this transformative work from wherever you are.


    Contact me with questions and to see if a virtual session is right for you.

  • Lyme Disease Treatments

    Discounted Bodywork Specifically for anyone living with Lyme.

    I've been living with Lyme for years. It's not easy. And it can be overwhelming to search for a cure.


    Because I've navigated the waters of Lyme AND because I value honesty and what you are going through as you search for health, I'm very upfront that what I'm offering here is NOT a cure for Lyme. Why? Because there are probably a million manifestations of Lyme and confections, and probably a million ways to treat it.


    From both my personal experience with Lyme and my studies in Chinese Medicine, I know that each person has a unique body which is a very complex being that wants to be listened to. And that's what I do. I listen to YOUR unique body. I use my background in Chinese Medicine to see what might be out of balance and then together, we help guide it back to a more balanced state. I use a combination of Acupressure, Massage, Shiatsu, Cupping, heat based therapies, and a kind of deep listening to really hold space for your body to heal and regenerate.


    I really believe that deep relaxation is a profound need in healing your Lyme. Our bodies are very stressed, overwhelmed and overloaded with managing this disease. Add in the emotional, social and mental shifts that can occur when trying to live with a chronic illness (in particular one that is often so isolating in nature) and you've got a potent recipe for stress!


    When we are stressed our bodies can't drop into a state of deep healing. It is tremendously helpful to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to be our ally in healing. My goal in offering bodywork for Lyme is not to go really deep, which is why I don't offer Deep Tissue Massage. I offer a type of massage that does works on areas of tightness and tension but is really focused on getting into a deep state of relaxation.


    When you come in for a treatment, you also have the added bonus of receiving bodywork on a BioMat. This is a type of heating pad that is low EMF and offers far infrared heat. Many people with Lyme love the BioMat. It's a deep, but gentle type of heat that often feels great for the aches and pains associated with Lyme.


    If you are looking for someone to take the lead on your Lyme treatment, we might not be a good fit.

    I consider myself part of your team of healthcare workers that are collectively working to support you in feeling better.

    Yes, I'm working with Chinese Medicine to help your body get stronger, and with deep relaxation to help your body heal, but I can't pretend to do that alone.


    I do offer a space for you to come, be heard in your struggles and receive bodywork at an affordable rate.


    Lyme is an expensive disease. It takes a lot of time and resources. That's why it is important to me to offer a discounted rate to anyone living with Lyme. I know the benefits of receiving this type of work while using other methods to treat. And I know the struggle to afford the massive amount of self-care that Lyme asks of you.


    So what's the cost of treatment?


    Lyme Massage Appointments are offered on a sliding scale.

    These appointments are for those that are currently and actively treating Lyme.


    $55-75 per 60-minute session.

    Pay what you can.



    You can book your appointment here.





  • F.A.Q

    Frequently asked questions.

    Massage, Chinese Medicine and Yoga Therapy in Richmond, Vermont

    Where is your office located?

    And do you ever come to me for treatments?


    I'm located on the border of Shelburne, VT - just a short drive from downtown Burlington.


    My main office is on the second floor of a building with elevator access.


    When you book your first appointment, you are emailed detailed directions in your welcome packet.


    I travel for chair massage events for groups and gatherings.

    However, I do not make house calls for private massage.

    Massage Therapy Richmond, Vermont

    I'm new to massage, what should I expect?


    When you first book an appointment, you'll get a set of emails confirming your appointment, along with a welcome packet with more information. You will be sent a health history form to fill out prior to your treatment. It's important to fill out before you come in, but if you forget, that's ok! I'll have an extra in my office, just arrive a few minutes early.


    When you arrive, we will chat for a few minutes to go over my approach to bodywork, discuss your health history and health goals, all while having plenty of time for you to ask any questions you may have.


    For the massage, I always tell you before we do something new, check in to be sure it's ok with you and explain as we go. You are always welcome to ask questions. I always tell new clients there is not a right or wrong way to receive a massage. I follow your lead if you want to be quiet and just relax, or I will chat right back with you if you're feeling talkative. I'll check in with you about the amount of pressure and type of touch. I approach each of our sessions as a conversation. You always get to tell me if you need anything to be different, whether that's the amount of pressure, the temperature of the room or even the lighting and music.


    All of my work is trauma informed and trauma sensitive. If you have a history of trauma, let me know and we can establish a treatment within boundaries that feel safe to you.

    Yoga Richmond, Vermont

    How is Yoga Therapy different than a yoga class?

    I've never done yoga...do I have to be flexible?


    Most of the time people hear the word 'yoga' and immediately think of people in a class twisting around like a pretzel, chanting, or sweating through their fancy yoga clothes. Yoga has become a funny phenomenon in the west that can often turn some away form the deep benefits of yoga that aren't just physical.


    The type of yoga therapy I offer is often very different than what people are used to in a yoga class. I'm not trying to get you to go deeper, stretch harder or achieve anything at all actually.


    My work as a yoga therapist is to guide you to connect and listen to your body. Each session looks and feels different as we adapt based on what you are experiencing and want to explore in the moment. Sometimes there is a lot of movement, sometimes there is hardly any movement at all. Sometimes I offer support through touch. Sometimes I'm guiding you into certain movements, other times I'm just following your lead and how your body wants to move. What is the same in each session is that you are the co-pilot. You know your body the best and get to say what works for you and what doesn't.


    You don't have to have any yoga experience at all...every movement is adaptable to ANYbody.

    Who is Yoga Therapy for?


    The type of yoga therapy I offer is wonderful at supporting people in life transitions, through chronic illness, big changes, separation, pregnancy, injury and more.


    It's an opportunity to listen to yourself and your body. Sometimes sessions are simply a great way to take your yoga practice to a deeper and more spiritual level. Sometimes sessions are great at exploring the ways our bodies hold tension.


    They can support you in working through body changes as you age, if you have an injury, or are working with a chronic illness. Why? Because the physical is often not JUST the physical. When we experience injury, illness or any kind change in our body, there is often times an emotional component too. Yoga Therapy sessions allow your body to speak, process and help you know how to create support for yourself as you move forward in life.


    Big life transitions such as moving across the country, marriage, separation, having a child, loss of a friend or loved one, trauma, etc are times that often call us to sit up and take notice. Our body takes each of the experiences and holds onto them in unique ways. There is often great wisdom that comes from pausing for a bit and allowing your body to guide you in these times of transition - wisdom that is uniquely yours and much more heartfelt and lasting than the kind of wisdom that someone from the outside offers you (no matter how loving their intention may be).


    I often say to people who are interested in yoga therapy but aren't sure if it's for them...there's only one real requirement, and that's to be willing to be present and listen to yourself and your body. Whether that's a tried and true practice for you or a completely new concept - we can adapt the session to meet you where you are.


    All of my work is trauma informed and trauma sensitive. If you have a history of trauma, let me know and we can establish a treatment within boundaries that feel safe to you.


    Photo courtesy: Bob Wong Art of Acupuncture

    Is Chinese Medicine the same as Acupuncture?

    Yes and no.


    Chinese Medicine is at the root of Acupuncture, however not all Chinese Medicine practitioners practice treatment with needles (Acupuncture).


    The work we do together through Chinese Medicine is based on the same foundation as an acupuncturist. However, treatment is different. Instead of using needles to stimulate points along the meridians, I use massage, acupressure, gua sha, cupping, moxibustion, tui na, nutrition, 5 element theory and other Chinese Medicine based techniques to promote balance and healing within.

    I see you offer discounted treatment for Lyme disease.

    Do you offer discounts to anyone else?

    I do work on a sliding scale if you are someone in need.

    Please contact me if you have questions and we'll see what we can work out.

  • About

    Kate of White Deer Therapeutics

    Kate Bentley, Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner Vermont

    I'm a firm believer that health and healing are always within reach. I believe that sometimes you have to be willing to dig deep, stretch out of your comfort zone and fully trust your body's wisdom. Sometimes you want to be guided, sometimes you want to be pampered, sometimes you want someone to hold you accountable on your journey to taking your health into your own hands.


    My journey to trusting my own body is a long one. I stumbled on yoga over 15 years ago and loved the movement and meditation combined with a new way of learning about myself each time I practiced. I felt a calling to work in the realm of therapy and with a big leap of faith, signed up for a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) training without any real understanding of what body based therapy actually was. From the very first day of my yoga therapy training, I knew I was experiencing something profound, incredibly empowering and potentially huge. I had a taste of listening to my body and it was rather addictive! The idea that my body had an internal knowing of how to help when to slow down, what to let go of and what to add to help me was rather profound. The PRYT method of combining assisted and guided yoga postures with dialogue in a unique and supportive environment allowed me to connect to an internal wisdom that has since guided me through all aspects of life. I continued with my PRYT training to become a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Group Facilitator, which allowed me to bring this work to individuals, yoga classes and groups. I became a co-director of the PRYT training school, a faculty member, mentor and teacher trainer.


    I've trained in Prenatal Yoga with Mamaste Yoga and trained as a Doula with Pam England of Birthing From Within.


    A few years ago, my health took a turn and I was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease, several co-infections and two autoimmune disorders. More than ever, I needed to listen deeply to my body. I drew heavily on my training and my experience in PRYT to support me with the physical, emotional and major life changes. I sought help from both Western and Eastern Medicine. With a combination of treatments, I slowly got better.


    My experience with the healing power of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine intrigued me. I pursued in depth training in Chinese Medicine and Asian Bodywork with Scott Moylan of Elements of Healing.


    I'm currently studying Herbalism in the Wise Woman Healing Tradition with Sage Mauer through The Gaia School of Healing in Vermont.


    I currently have a practice in Richmond, VT that encompasses a rich variety of ways to support yourself and your body. I primarily offer Chinese Medicine healing techniques such as Amma Massage, Shiatsu, Cupping, and Moxa, as well as Hot Stone Massage and private yoga therapy sessions for individuals and couples. I see it as a tremendous honor to work with you on both acute and chronic conditions; deep relaxation; and your overall health and well being. I work with you to create a personalized healing plan through massage, bodywork and more to support an integrated approach to healing body, mind and spirit.



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